Anakku Duniaku (2015)

The story revolves around three different mothers from different social status weaved through a central platform of Social Service. We have a teenage mother who got pregnant and was forced to give away her newborn baby for adoption. Many years later she develops a strong urge to locate her child realizing that she will not be able to conceive anymore, and this brings her to the Social Service Centre.

Employed as a Senior Clerk at the Social Service Centre, another mother of two kids in her 40s is dying due to breast cancer. She goes through much pain, yet puts a brave front for her children in preparing them for her inevitable departure.

We see another mother in her 60s fighting to prove her son’s innocence in an outrage of modesty charge. She defends her son’s innocence. All 3 stories evolve and intersect at the Social Service Centre as a common meeting ground.

Through this common ground of social service the characters, regardless of their social status, discover their strengths and weaknesses to stand together to overcome their adversities. In its resolve, the mothers find a solution for their adversities through their strong motherly instincts!

Starring: Nurul Aini, Sani Hussin, Aishah Ahmad, Norsiah Ramly, Izyan Mellyna, Norman Ishak and many others.


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