Pesan Ayah (2014)

Pesan Ayah is about four men and their tales of fatherhood. Fendi, a young first-time father, whose child is feared to be born prematurely. Rahmat is an ex-convict, determined to make his life right and salvage the love of his only son. Khamis will be getting a son-in-law but his doubts about his daughter’s lover are crippling his judgment. And Jalil who is old and ‘senile’, is a little worried leaving his children when he dies. Difference in their backgrounds and age, yet their challenges and trials are the same. Being the captain in the family, they have to navigate with honor, responsibility and love. Every father wants to leave behind a meaningful legacy to his children and family.

Starring: Osman Zailani, Pon Bachik, Zaidi Ibrahim, Najib Soiman, Sani Hussin, Mastura Ahmad, Awal’liyah Ja’afar, Adlina Adil, Fido Ahdross & Md. Hariz.

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