Tamil.com (2014)

Tamil.Com is a comedy television series that takes place primarily in an education centre that focuses on teaching Tamil as a Spoken Language. Adults come there to either learn Tamil as a foreign language or master the spoken aspect of the language for different reasons. The Language Centre is situated on top an Indian restaurant where everyone hangs around in between classes. The principal, clerk, teachers, students, waiters, language and food form the basis of the comedy series.

Spearheaded with an award-wining team consisting of local artists from both Television/Film and Theatre background, Tamil.Com would enthrall with its top-notch acting, high production values and engaging storyline. Expect an original Tamil drama series that is funny, entertaining yet thought provoking.

Starring: Anandha Kannan, Dhivyah Raveen, Veeraraghavan, Siva Kuma, A.Rajeshkannan, Nakulan Tinagaran, Ahamed Ali Khan, Nagharaj, Drake Lim, Balakumaran Krishnasamy, Abbdul Kather and many others.

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