Give. Do Not Take! (2005)
Best Direction – Asian Television Awards – Nominee
Best Children's Programme – Asian Television Awards – Nominee

“Life is about the good and the evil. This is a story about the good and the evil. We all have an evil side in us that once in a while surface and create havoc. It is purely because of greed and lust that the bad side in us overcomes the good side in us!”

 “We compete, compare and always angry with our short comings! And we choose to ignore the good things that happen to us in life yet blame the slightest hind of bad luck! Why do you think we have only one Gandhi, one Mother Theresa and one Nelson Mandela?”

 “Life is about changes, life is about competition, and life is about moving and sometimes moving too fast to our likings! Let’s look on the positive side, the good side! Life is about enjoying the moment, life is about appreciating and putting aside all differences and cheering one another!”

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