Nagaril Narakasuran (2008)

Tradition has associated Deepavalli with the mythological story depicting the annihilation of Narakasuran. According to Hindu mythology, Narakasuran, an all powerful demon, was a tyrant king ruling from his capital, Pragjyotisam. He had acquired untold strength through severe penance and he used it to harass everyone. He terrorized other kings and imprisoned their daughters. Unable to bear the tyranny people complained to the Lord. Lord answered their prayers and His consort Satyabama put an end to the legacy of Narakasuran. Narakasuran attained enlightenment at the last moment and he requested that this glorious event be remembered and celebrated throughout the world by Hindus as Deepavalli! The Lord agreed!

The story of the comedy satire Narakasuran in Town! starts with him, Narakasuran, waking up from his sleep after a very “long time”. With some of his old mighty powers intact he bribes the eternal guards to let him go for a while to earth to check whether people are really celebrating his demise as he wished! His worldly journey starts in Singapore, where he takes the form of a long lost man. His human adventure forms the main plot of the comedy story. Narakasuran's fight to get accepted and he accepting the “new” world depicts the rest of the story!

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